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Antec - Performance Plus 1080

Antec makes improvements to it’s popular SX1040 case with the introduction of the new Performance Plus 1080.

Antec cases have become very popular. Antec has looked to Cheiftec to provide a customized version of their case, which has become the new Performance Plus 1080. Antec continues to penetrate the market as their products are able to be purchased in your local Micro Center, CompUSA, and Best Buy. Of course this gives Antec excellent visibility that most other case vendors do not enjoy.

The Performance Plus 1080 took everything that was already good about the SX1040 and improved upon it. With the introduction of the 1080, they didn’t stray too far off course by changing the design, which might turn off long time SX1040 purchasers. Let’s take a look at the specifications for the 1080.

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Number Of Internal 3.5" Bays4
Number Of External 3.5" Bays2
Number Of External 5.25" Bays4
How Many Case Fans Supported ?4
Construction MaterialMetal - 1.0mm SECC
Power Supply Included ? - What Type ?430 Watt - Dual Fan - Antec TruePower
Special FeaturesFront USB & Firewire Ports w/Door - Locking side panel and front door - 80mm side panel fan
Size20.6" x 8.1" x 18.6"
Sample Case Provided
Estimated Cost$149