How To Select The Right Case

Antec - Performance Plus 1080, Continued

When compared to the SX1040, the two biggest changes were the addition of the new front mounted USB/ Firewire ports and the new Antec 430 Watt TruePower power supply.

Inside the swing out panel, everything else stayed pretty much the same. We did notice some additional refinements in the construction of the case, which we considered excellent. The 1080 continues the Antec trend with continued use of plastic drive rails for the mounting of 5.25" devices, and includes a handy storage area in the bottom of the case for extra rails that are not used in the current installation.

With the side panel removed from the 1080, you can see that this is a large and roomy case with plenty of room to grow.

With all four fans installed in addition to the power supply fan, we did find that the case was a little on the loud side. However, when you take into consideration the excellent position of these four 80mm fans, this case has the ability to move a lot of air. The new washable air filter was a welcomed addition.

Lifting up on the Antec logo now reveals two front mounted USB ports, and a Firewire Port, as well : another excellent addition by Antec.

With the addition of the new front mounted USB and Firewire ports hidden behind a door on the front of the case is something for which the older SX1040 Antec has been begging : the new optional side panel fan was another great addition.

With it’s rounded edges, excellent construction, and reliable power supply, the 1080 makes a bold statement in case technology. The price, while not as low as you might like, offers an excellent value for the money. The only thing negative we can point out about this case is the fact that, with nothing installed, it weights in at a remarkable 34 lbs, which isn’t exactly light. In terms ofdurability and quality, the 1080 delivers that and a reliable 430 watt power supply, which is quite a value for the price.