How To Select The Right Case

Enlight - 7237, Continued

The 7237 continues to use rails that Enlight has been using since the AT case days. The rails have been a good match due to the fact that we can exchange just about any component quickly, because they all use the same rails. This rail technology is a good fit if you want the ability to exchange things quickly.

The 7237 takes a very solid, no-frills approach. If you are looking for bells and whistles, you don't find them in the 7237. What you do get is a case with quality construction that continues to provide a good home for your computer.

Over the life of the 7237, very little has changed. Perhaps the newest innovation in the 7237 is the new polished look of the inside of the case. We found that it didn't affect the quality of the case or the metal used within the case.

One of the outstanding Enlight trademarks has to be it's durability and construction. The case is stable and durable - in fact, we have seen people stand on top of Enlight cases which were unphased by such punishment.

After removing the front panel by lifting up on it and snapping it off, you are treated to a very clean, no-frills design. The 3.5" drive cage is removable from the front of the unit.

The 7237 includes spots for two 80mm fans; one in the front under the drive cage, and one in the rear of the case. With the holes that are in front of the front fan, airflow to the back of the case is smooth as long as the path is clear, but can be disrupted with careless installation of cables.

What more can be said about the Enlight 7237 that has not already been said in other reviews? It is a durable case built with quality construction that is sold for a reasonable price. While not has cheap as some, it's excellent construction make it an excellent choice. However, if you are a true enthusiast, you are most likely better off with a case that has a few more features.