How To Select The Right Case

Hydraulic - SF-860B, Continued

We found the construction of the case to be average and better than many in the same price class, but it was evident that the materials were thinner than those of many of the other cases we have seen.

The SF860 offers a single 60mm fan in the back of the case, and there is room to add two more fans in the front of the case, but these fans were not included. We have never been big fans of using a single 60mm fan in the back of the case, because it has been our experience that the 60mm fans don't move enough CFMs if the unit produces a lot of heat.

The SF-860B allows you to bolt the either 5.25" or 3.5" drives directly to the case. The SF-860B does not use rails of any type, but the case is marked in such a way as to aid installation.

The SF-860B does not include a power supply, so the price of the case will be more in line with the Enlight, once you add the cost of a power supply to the price of the case.

SF-860B adds a single 80mm fan on the side panel, which helps make up for not using an 80mm fan in the rear of the case.

The SF-860B has a single 80mm fan on the side of the case that includes a very nice looking grill. This fan, along with the vent holes on the side of the case, really helps push the air out of the case and provides more than enough cooling for the case. We do however suggest that you add fans to the front of the case for even better airflow and cooling.

The SF-860B is painted a very nice shade of black, and the paint job of the case is first rate. When compared to the Enlight 7237, it is a close race. By the time you add a power supply and the front fans to the SF-860B, you are in the same price range as the 7237. This makes the choice even more difficult. Although this is a nice case, we still felt that the Enlight was a little more sturdy than the SF-860B. however, the 7237 does not come in black, so unless you want to paint your 7237, you should consider the SF-860B.