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Directron/Super Flower - 201S

The front of the Directron/ Super Flowe 201S. It offers a look that can by no means be considered ordinary.

So, you want the look and feel of a modified case without all of the work? Well, the folks at Directron sent us the 201S, which offers you the ability to have the case mod look without all of the work.

Of course, buying a pre-modded case perhaps takes out some of the thrill out of the build, but the 201S offers three windows and a stunning paint job that really gives this case that desirable "I modded it myself look." Let's take a look at the specifications of this case.

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Number Of Internal 3.5" Bays5
Number Of External 3.5" Bays3
Number Of External 5.25" Bays4
How Many Case Fans Supported?6
Construction MaterialAluminum
Power Supply Included? - What Type?None
Special FeaturesFront USB/Firewire/Audio - Side & Top plexiglass windows - Acrylic front
Size8.25" x 18" x 19.75".
Sample Case Provided
Estimated Cost$178

With support for as many as six case fans, the 201S is the dream case for the overclocker in you. It supports a whopping twelve devices, which is head and shoulders above any of the other cases in our article. The layout also offers innovative flexibility not found in other designs.