How To Select The Right Case

Super Case - 7C443115, Continued

The construction is sturdy, but it is obvious that the metal used is thinner and lighter than that of other cases. It is clear that the 7C443115 is aimed at the budget consumer.

The 7C443115 with the side panel removed. As you can see, there is not much to see.

The 7C443115 is able to support a combination of up to six devices of both 5.25" and 3.5". Drives bolt directly to the case, and there is no need to use drive rails. The case does not offer any type of hash marks to help you line up the drive, so you have to get this done with a little trial and error.

The 7C443115 includes one 80mm fan, and there is space in the front of the case to support a second fan if you like. Of course, the included Allied 300 watt power supply included a fan.

The 7C443115 offers a black finish that isn't all that bad, but the paint on the SF-860B looked a lot better than that of the 7C443115.

When looking at the front of the 7C443115, it is obvious that Super Case paid a lot of attention to making the front of the case look attractive. Andt looks like they achieved their goal on the front of the 7C443115, as it does look very nice.

The biggest surprise of the 7C443115 was lifting up the little door on the front of the case to find two USB ports.

The biggest surprise of the 7C443115 was the two front mounted USB ports. Most cases in this price class don't offer this at all, and even the Enlight 7237 that we looked at didn't offer this. Although we were not crazy about how the door flipped down rather than flipping up, we still found these ports a welcomed addition to a case in this price class.

Overall, this was a good budget case and it was absolutely a cut above the normal $20 - $30 cases we have seen. According to Pyrinex, the power supply reliability with has been pretty good, and better than most cases in this price range. It isn't a bad case and it gets the job done for a lot less money, but you do get a lot less quality, so of course you have to figure out if it is worth it over the long haul.