How To Select The Right Case

3R System - Neon Light, Continued

The two fans in the PC operate at two user-controlled speeds, which allow you to run the fans at the higher speed when the temperature raises and at the lower speed when the temperature is lower, which helps reduce the noise that the PC generates.

A close-up look at the Neon Light with the side panel removed.

With the side panel of the Neon Light off, you can get a look into this roomy case. The case sports a unique design that uses bay guides which only require one set of screws per device.

The front of the case takes an innovative approach to the problem of having to purchase black components for the case. The Neon Light includes pre-doors covers which cover the 5.25" optical drive bay, allowing you to use any color drives you wish, without sacrificing the look of your case. We found these springs on these doors to be a little on the flimsy side, and we are uncertain how they will handle with continued use over the years. They can be removed if you wish, but it does spoil the elegant look of the front of the Neon Light.

Our sample case did not include a power supply, but 3R System does offer a version of the Neon Light that includes a power supply.

The Neon Light case construction was above average when compared to other cases that were similar. We found the case to be light, yet solid in construction. The edges of the Neon Light are twice rounded and finished, which left no sharp edges that we could find.

The Neon Light includes both two USB ports and one Firewire port that are mounted on the side of the case. While looking at the side of the case, notice the side air intake for improved circulation.

The side of the case features two USB ports and one Firewire port. We liked the convenience offered by the side mounting arrangement. Mounting these ports on the side allows you to get the cables from devices plugged into these ports out of the way, which is a clear advantage over some of the arrangements on other cases that we have seen.

The Neon Light is an innovative case design and is certainly worth considering for your next case purchase. It offers the digital thermometer feature, which can of course be a great help the overclocker crowd. While most aspects of the construction were good, at times we did feel like the doors thatcover the CD-ROM drive were flimsy due to the spring action. Overall it is a fine effort and should not disappoint.