How To Select The Right Case

Super Case - 7C443115

Of course we have to look at case for folks that are on a budget. The Super Case 7C443115 was a cut above most of the other cases in this price class that we looked examined.

The Super Case 7C443115 offers a very attractive package to those who are looking for a cheap case that will not break the bank. This is what the 7C443115 offers, and very little more. Let's take a look at the specifications of the 7C443115.

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Number Of Internal 3.5" Bays1
Number Of External 3.5" Bays2
Number Of External 5.25" Bays3
How Many Case Fans Supported?2
Construction MaterialSteel
Power Supply Included? - What Type?300 Watt Allied Power Supply
Special Features2 Front Mounted USB Ports
SizeRow 7 - Cell 1
Sample Case Provided
Estimated Cost$45

Of course we realize that not everyone is looking to spend more than $50 on a case and power supply, and after looking at the 7C443115, it is clear that you get what you pay for.