How To Select The Right Case

Directron/Super Flower - 201S, Continued

The 201S is roomy and built for the enthusiast crowd. It is ready right out of the box for additional customizations, and you will definetely want to personalize this case, which can only be classified as a true work of art.

With the side panel removed, the first thing that we noticed was the fact that they moved the hard drive cage to the bottom right of the case. This paves the way for additional room around the your motherboard, which clearly makes access to the components on your motherboard a dream. The hard drive cage is fastened to the case with thumb screws, which allow for easy removal.

We also took notice of the gold fan grills that cover every fan in this case. Clearly this Aluminum beauty is built to show off, with it's polished internal finish. This makes it an ideal case for case lights, should you choose to add them.

The 201S included an array of ports in the bottom front of the case. These included USB, Firewire and audio. These were very handy and easy to connect.

Our sample unit did not include a power supply, because Directron is smart enough to know that the owner of a case like this will want to select the right power supply for the job.

You have to really like being able to see the inside of your case in order to really like the 201S. Of course this means that you will want to pay extra special attention to the details when using this case, otherwise you will effectively just have a window in your case for people to see your mess.

The three see-through windows provide a peek at the internal workings of the computer, and are just stunning to behold. They are attached firmly to the case, and should provide years of service with no headaches.

The edges of the 201S are a little sharp in a few areas, but the major areas that might cause a problem are covered with plastic in order to prevent possible cuts to your fingers.

With the 201S's acrylic front and incredible-looking sides, the 201S was the dream case that we had always thought of building. Of course, the 201S isn't cheap in either price or constuction. With the 201S's quality construction and pre-modifications, it makes for a great deal for the price. If you don't want to spend endless hours working on the modifications to your case, then the 201S is a high-quality solution that could be just right for you. With the time that you save, you will certainly be able to squeeze in a few extra games.