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Deal: Intel’s 512GB 545s SATA SSD Drops to $55

Editor's Note: This deal has expired. Check out our current list of
best black friday deals.

Our primary complaint with Intel’s 545s when we reviewed it was price. It’s plenty fast for mainstream tasks, has a nice five-year warranty, and comes with Intel’s excellent SSD toolbox software. But today you can pick up this mainstream 2.5-inch SATA solid-state drive for just $55 for the 512GB model on Ebay.

That works out to an impressive 10 cents per gigabyte, making this drive one of the most affordable SSDs we’ve seen yet, and especially enticing given that this deal is from a big-name brand like Intel. There are definitely faster drives out there. But if you’re upgrading from a spinning hard drive or looking for more speedy storage in your desktop for your Steam library or other files, this SSD should serve you well without putting too much of  a dent in your build budget.

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