Tom's Guide: 15 Download Managers & Accelerators

Keeping your downloads in order is no mean feat. Whether you're just looking to keep everything organized, or you're in need of a tool that will take care of file management, batch downloading, download acceleration, and offer the ability to download of embedded FLV videos, the possibilities are endless. We've taken the trouble to round up 15 of our favorite download management and acceleration tools to help you figure out which one is best for you. Check out '15 Download Managers & Accelerators' over on Tom's Guide.

We live in an environment that's rich in media and data. Even with the broadest bandwidth, handling and organizing your downloads, whether you're grabbing media, data, or software, can still be a hassle. Here are a few download managers, accelerators, add-ons, and torrent managers that we hope will help you keep your gigabytes of data moving at a good clip and properly sorted on your computer.

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  • teh_chem
    What, are we back in the 90's?
  • _Cosmin_
    I hate when they put in news link to other page where you can read the news itself.
  • Pherule
    teh_chemWhat, are we back in the 90's?

    Not everyone has blazing fast 100/100Mb/s connections. Not everyone has uncapped. Those who don't, can't afford to have a huge file cut out halfway through downloading.

    About the managers themselves, I've tried several, and Orbit seems to be the best.

    Btw, Toms, torrent clients shouldn't really be classified as download managers. Also, uTorrent is no longer lightweight; you should take that into consideration.