QOTD: How Big Is Your PC Display?

I remember when my 12-inch yellow monochrome CRT monitor was the pinnacle of desktop display technology. Alas, those memorable days are gone.

These days, most people use LCDs for their computer, and some still are using a venerable CRT monitor. The debates still rage on in regards to which technology provides a better image quality. However, when it comes down to enjoying games or movies, size is what counts.

The question of the day is: How big is your computer display?

Maybe you own a 30-inch monster. Maybe you own more than one of them! Let us know.

Image: courtesy of Popular Science.

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  • magicandy
    22" LCD
  • San Pedro
    22" LCD. . . Within the next year, I'd like to get a 24 or 25.5 inch LCD. Either that or wait until my TV dies and then my wife my let me get a new big screen LCD TV. Come to think of it either way, the wife needs to ok it.
  • xizel
    19 CRT but im getting a 24LCD asap