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Mushkin Enhanced EM3-10666

DDR3-1333 Speed and Latency Shootout

Over the years, Mushkin has shifted marketing focus dramatically from "extreme performance" to "ultimate reliability," yet the company continues to put most of its engineering efforts into high-speed parts. And what more could an enthusiast want besides speed and reliability?

Unlike many of Mushkin's previous efforts, its part number 996583 2 x1 GB dual-channel kit is rated at rather mundane DDR3-1333 timings of 9-9-9-24, using a motherboard's DDR3 default voltage of 1.50V. This is also the memory's DDR3-1333 SPD value, so builders will find the memory's rated performance simply by installing it into an FSB-1333 processor system.

Other SPD values include 444 MHz and 518 MHz, which are interpreted in BIOS to DDR3-800 and DDR3-1000 values. Again, a wider range of users would probably find a DDR3-1066 value more beneficial than the oddball DDR3-1036, as systems that default to DDR3-1066 will instead use the slower DDR3-1333 SPD timings.

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