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Forecast: Greater Efficiency

What to Buy, a Notebook or Desktop PC?

Though we don’t have a crystal ball handy, we’ll venture some careful predictions about the future.

Mobility is an increasingly important factor that will result in further development of notebooks and technology that is accessible to various user groups. This is of particular importance to developing countries, where reliable electrical grids and Internet technology are not yet available everywhere. Portable computers with wireless technology seem to be more attractive there than long cables and bulky desktop computers. That’s why we predict more efficient components, which in turn will result in greater performance and increased battery life. Diversification will enable users to easily obtain products suitable for them.

desktop vs notebook

Business users can look forward to longer battery lives, and gamer notebooks will further close the gap in 3D performance that currently separates them from desktop systems. The size of notebook displays will also increase.

Provided that hardware performance continues to increase, notebooks may one day completely replace traditional desktop computers. Smaller devices with sophisticated technology will be available at lower prices—the Asus EEE PC is indicative of this trend. The smallest notebooks, by virtue of their modest dimensions, will be considered ideal for beginners, and will become constant companions for everyone. Bulky notebooks will soon be a thing of the past: the MacBook Air serves as a reference for a future class of devices.

desktop vs notebook

desktop vs notebook

The clunky midi-tower and its separate monitor that takes up a lot of space, looks unaesthetic, and is not mobile at all? Don’t worry—it won’t completely disappear from the picture. It will serve as a reference platform for the future development of notebooks, and also still be used where installed hardware needs to be easily accessible and systems need to be able to be upgraded. Using them as central media servers for a building is conceivable, as well as everywhere where more performance is needed than a future notebook can provide.

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