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Enermax Phoenix Neo

Quick Takes: 13 Mid-Tower Cases Rounded-Up

The large fan on the side of the Phoenix Neo from Enermax is very flashy; the fan included with the black model lights up red. The highlights of this monster fan measuring 25 cm include speed regulation, the ability to turn the fan off, and even a switch to change the direction of rotation (so it either pumps air into the case or sucks air out). The illumination can be turned off, as well. Another illuminated fan is placed at the bottom of the chassis, behind the front panel, to blow air into the case; this is also where the mounting frame for the 3.5-inch hard drives is located. Installation of hardware can be done without tools because the Phoenix Neo offers plastic clips and rails for the installation of expansion cards and drives.

Aside from the common USB and audio ports you will also find an eSATA port on the front panel, but only for the data lines. For the power supply the user will have to come up with his or her own solution.

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