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Benchmark Results: Productivity

System Builder Marathon, August 2012: $2000 Performance PC

Certain Adobe Photoshop filters are very well-threaded, which helps our six-core processor secure a commanding victory in our scripted test. Updates made to Ivy Bridge cannot help last quarter's machine come close to compensating for the architecture's lower number of cores.

3ds Max, which we know is also optimized for multi-core hardware, also hands the win over to Sandy Bridge-E, though by a smaller margin. 

WinZip sees the least benefit from our new system’s extra cores (at least the version we're testing here). Meanwhile, the open-source 7-Zip suite appears best-optimized of the three, though the new system still gains fairly little.

Though not as well-optimized as Photoshop, ABBYY's FineReader enjoys at least some advantage from the extra processing cores available to it in this month's enthusiast build.

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