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Grab the be quiet! 600W Pure Power 10 CM Semi-Modular PSU for Just $60 (25% off)

(Image credit: NewEgg)

The German company be quiet! is a manufacturer of cases and cooling parts, but they also use their skills to make PSUs. One of their Pure Power units, the 10 CM 600W, is now available on NewEgg for just $59.90, down from its normal price of $79.90.

The Pure Power series offers a semi-modular design, which means that the primary cables are attached to the unit, but the cables for drives and PCI-Express devices are removable. This means that you won't have any cables attached to your power supply that you might not use, which really helps tidy up cable clutter in your system.

be quiet! Pure Power 10CM 600W: Was $79.90, Now $59.90
At 600W, this PSU is all that most of us will ever need, offering plenty of power for any mid-tier gaming system. It's also semi-modular to reduce cable clutter, and comes with a silent Pure Wings 120 mm fan installed to keep things cool.
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At 600 watts of power, this unit also delivers more than adequate power for most PCs, so unless you're using a high-end desktop CPU such as AMD's Threadripper chips and multiple graphics cards, you shouldn't run into any power issues with this unit. For mid-tier gaming systems, or even high-end systems without all too many auxiliary devices, this unit will more than do the job.

Being a be quiet! unit, there's also a Pure Wings fan inside it. The fan included here is a 120 mm fan, and should ensure very quiet operation.

Niels Broekhuijsen
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