MSI's All-AMD Alpha 15 Gaming Laptop Is $200 off

MSI Alpha 15

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MSI’s Alpha 15 gaming laptop is $100 off at Newegg with an additional $100 rebate bringing the total price down from the usual $999 to $799. 

The model on sales features 8GB of RAM and a 120 Hz display, but Newegg is also selling the computer’s 16GB/144 Hz model for $100 off right now as well, although the rebate no longer applies. Still, buying an MSI Alpha 15 laptop for $799 will net you an AMD Ryzen 7 3750H and an AMD Radeon RX 5500M at a price point well below the best gaming laptops and many others. 

MSI Alpha 15: was $999, now $799 at Newegg

 MSI Alpha 15: was $999, now $799 at Newegg 
The MSI Alpha 15 is a mid-range, all-AMD laptop that puts a primary focus on comfort and affordability. Its high frame rate display offers bright colors, and its SteelSeries keyboard is clicky and bouncy, as per our MSI Alpha 15 review. While performance is decidedly mid-range, a mig-range laptop for $799 is nonetheless impressive.  

Our MSI Alpha 15 review also praised the machine's colorful display and comfortable keyboard, while acknowledging that “If you’re an AMD-only type user, this is for you. There’s nothing else like it in the space.” While performance was mid-range for its then-$1,099 price tag, that same power for $799 is tempting.

MSI recently announced the follow-up to the Alpha 15, the Bravo 15, which is also available for pre-order on Newegg right now with a release window set for early next month. The Bravo updates the CPU and design, but the Alpha still keeps up in every other field spec-wise

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    The reason s we're only a few weeks away from $999 ffor a 16 GB R7 4800H, RX-5500XT laptop release (mid may)