Intel's Core i9-10900F Now $365, An All-Time Low

Intel Core i9-10900F
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There's a massive shortage of the latest CPUs and GPUs gripping the market right now, making it hard to find the savings or even stock on the latest AMD CPUs. But there are still some great deals to be had for Cyber Monday – like this Core i9-10900F that's currently retailing for $364.99 at Amazon, its lowest price ever. That's $58 off the regular price, and it comes with free shipping for Prime members. It also comes with an bundled Intel cooler so you don't need to spend extra on after-market cooling if you don't want to.

The Core I9-10900F isn't overclockable like its $530 Core i9-10900K sibling, and it also doesn't have integrated graphics. However, it does represent a good value if you don't need either of those features. Even though the 10900F isn't overclockable, if you're crafty, you could use an application like Throttlestop or jump in your BIOS and adjust the power limits manually. That will unlock more performance in typical desktop PC productivity applications. 

Intel Core i9-10900F: was $423, now $364 at Amazon

Intel Core i9-10900F: was $423, now $364 at Amazon
The ten-core 20-thread Intel Core i9-10900F is selling at an all-time low of $364.99.

The 14nm Comet Lake chip comes armed with 10 cores and 20 threads that operate within a 65W TDP envelope. That's much lower than Intel's flagship 10900K's 125W rating, so you'll sacrifice some of the base frequency in exchange for the ability to cram a 10-core Intel chip into smaller builds. As such, the 10900F has a 2.8-GHz base frequency, which is substantially lower than the 10900K's 3.7 GHz. 

Thankfully, you don't give up too much on boost clocks, though: The 10900F boosts to 5.2 GHz, while the much-pricier $530 10900K peaks at 5.3 GHz. That relatively high boost frequency means the 10900F will offer nearly the same amount of performance as the 10900K in most games, which tend to still rely upon single-threaded performance. 

This kind of chip makes a good pairing for small-form-factor builds, where packing in a lot of threaded heft can be a challenge due to cooling difficulties. Intel includes a stock cooler with the 10900F. But as always, we recommend going with a more capable unit if you're looking to extract the utmost performance. 

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