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Fully-Loaded Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) Starter Kit Deal: Now Just $85

Labists Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) Kit
(Image credit: Amazon)

The Raspberry Pi is the ultimate gift for tech geeks and, if you don't already have one, you really ought to get your own Pi. While you can buy a bare board, there are several accessories one needs to get started, including a power supply and a microSD card with Raspbian, the official Pi OS, installed.

Just in time for the Cyber Monday tech deals season, Amazon has the ultimate Raspberry Pi starter kit on sale for just $85 (click the coupon box on the page to get it at this price). This Labists branded kit comes with the top-of-the-line board, the Raspberry Pi 4 B with 4GB of RAM, along with a power supply, a 32GB microSD card that has Raspbian preloaded, a case, a fan, heat sinks, and dual HDMI cables for outputting to a monitor.  

Labists Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) Kit: was $99 now $85 @Amazon

Labists Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) Kit: was $99 now $85 @Amazon
Click the coupon button to get it at this price. Kit includes a Raspberry Pi 4 B (4GB), a preloaded 32GB microSD card, a power supply, a case with fan, multiple heat sinks, dual micro HDMI cables and a card reader.

Even though the included microSD card has the operating system preloaded, Labists throws in a USB card reader you can use to modify this or other cards from your PC.  Considering that standalone USB card readers cost $7 to $10, that's a nice throw-in. There's also a screwdriver to help you put the case together.

When you do the math and figure out what each of the included pieces costs, the Labists Raspberry Pi 4 kit looks like a steal. Here's a rough estimate of what all of these things would cost if bought separately.

  • Raspberry Pi 4 B (4GB): $55. The MSRP for the top-end Pi 4 is $55, but most stores, including Amazon, sell it at a higher price.
  • 32GB microSD card: You can find a blank card on sale for $5 to $6 and download the OS yourself, but one with NOOBS (the operating system installer) preloaded goes for $18.
  • micro HDMI to HDMI cables: You need these to connect the Pi 4 B to one or two monitors.  At minimum, these cost $6 or $7 and the cheapest two-pack we've seen is $11.
  • Raspberry Pi case with fan and heatsinks: Usually $10 to $15.
  • USB-C Power adapter: Usually $10 to $15. And most  phone chargers won't cut it, because the PI 4 B requires at least 3 amps and 5 volts of output.
  • microSD USB Card Reader: At least $7, though most of these also read full-size SD cards (not that you need to).

Altogether, the value of these parts is, at least $115. I'm not even going to consider the value of the screwdriver, because most people already have one. 

The Labists Raspberry Pi 4 kit is a fantastic gift, even for people who already own older Raspberry Pi models, because they likely don't have the power adapter or micro HDMI cables or case. You're getting the top-of-the-line Pi and everything you need to get rolling with it. 

Avram Piltch
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  • King_V
    So, I followed the link, and the price shows up as $99.97. Is there a code or something that needs to be added to get the $85 deal?