Save $101 on this Mushkin M.2 2TB SSD at Newegg

Mushkin Pilot-E M.2. NVME
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NVMe storage prices seem to be creeping up again, particularly on the best SSDs like the Samsung 980 Pro. That makes any deals that go against this trend all the more valuable, whether it’s to upgrade your OS drive or add another dose of fast storage to your motherboard.

This is especially true when it comes to more premium drives using high-end components, like the Mushkin Pilot-E M.2 2TB model. You can get this SSD right now from Newegg for just $208.99, which is a massive $101 saving, bringing the cost down to just $0.10 per GB.

Mushkin Pilot-E M.2 2TB NVMe SSD: was $309.99, now $208.99 @ Newegg

Mushkin Pilot-E M.2 2TB NVMe SSD: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">was $309.99, now $208.99 @ Newegg
At this price, Mushkin’s high-end Pilot-E SSD is an absolute steal — packing high sequential read and write speeds over 3,000 MB/s, along with secure 256-bit AES encryption and an impressive endurance rating.

Boasting fast performance, high endurance and 256-bit AES encryption, the Mushkin Pilot-E earned 4 stars in our review, with its large SLC write cache and strong power efficiency standing out as key points in its favor.

And now, with over a hundred bucks off the list price, it provides high end features with real value for money. It's rated to hit up to 3.5GBps read and 3.1GBps write, with an impressive endurance of 1300 TBW.

In our testing, the Mushkin Pilot-E M.2 fared well in the middle of the pack across a variety of real world usage scenarios, from the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers benchmark to PCMark 8 trace-based benchmarking.

And given that many of this drive's competitors charge the same amount for just 1TB of storage, this SSD deal certainly provides some of the best bang for your buck at this price point.

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