1.5 TB Low-Power HDDs: Green Gets Big

Benchmark Results: Throughput

Samsung’s 1,500 GB EcoGreen F2 reaches almost 107 MB/s—and hence outperforms the 101.7 MB/s of WD’s 1,500 GB Caviar Green. But it loses to Western Digital’s excellent average and minimum throughput results. The minimum transfer rates are head to head with performance hard drives that spin at 7,200 RPM. WD’s drive is beaten in the access time tests by its own brothers (with both higher and lower capacity), which also happens to Samsung in our throughput testing: the 500 GB F2 EcoGreen delivers better throughput than the 1,500 GB model. The write throughput numbers are comparable.

The streaming reads/writes test, which we perform using IOmeter, delivers exactly the same picture as the h2benchw low-level benchmark.

Interface throughput is interesting to see, as it reflects the absolute maximum bandwidth of a hard drive, but it is almost irrelevant in everyday operation.