ATI Graphics Buyer's Guide Spring 2006, Part 1

Gecube Radeon X1900 XTX - Tools And Software

The driver CD contains an older version of ATI's reference driver. Since the review samples were produced and shipped before the official X1900 driver was released, newer versions are now available on the Internet. Gecube's DVD player software of choice is Power DVD 6 2ch; as mentioned earlier, the 2ch moniker denotes a six-channel version as opposed to the 8-channel one. The game bundle consists of Delta Force Xtreme. The Gecube logo on the CD leads us to suspect that this is a special bundled or OEM version.

The Cyberlink software is installed through a selection screen. The CD contains Power Director 2.5 ME and Mediashow 2. Like the bundled game, both of these programs are OEM versions.

Interestingly, the user interface of Power Director is marked as the Pro version and not ME. The program can import movies from the hard drive as well as from analog or DV sources, and offers basic video editing functionality, including sound and image effects.

The other goodie included on the CD is Mediashow 2. This application creates slide shows from images, allowing the user to add a soundtrack and choose transitions.