ATI Graphics Buyer's Guide Spring 2006, Part 1

A Detailed Look At The Candidates

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Card Manufacturer and ChipCode NameMemoryHDR-RVertex Shader / Pixel ShaderGPU FrequencyMemory Frequency
NVIDIA Graphics Cards
Gainward GS BLISS 6800 GS PCXNV42512 MB GDDR3yes3.0/3.0485 MHz1300 MHz
eVGA GeForce 7800 GS SC AGPG70256 MB GDDR3yes3.0/3.0460 MHz1350 MHz
ATI Graphics Cards
Gecube Radeon X1900 XTX OCR580512 MB GDDR3yes3.0/3.0690 MHz1600 MHz
Gecube Radeon X1900 XTXR580512 MB GDDR3yes3.0/3.0648 MHz1548 MHz
Powercolor Radeon X1900 XTX OCR580512 MB GDDR3yes3.0/3.0690 MHz1600 MHz
Powercolor Radeon X1900 XTXR580512 MB GDDR3yes3.0/3.0648 MHz1548 MHz
HIS Radeon X1800 XT iTurboR520512 MB GDDR3yes3.0/3.0695 MHz1584 MHz
HIS Radeon X1600 XT iTurbo OCRV530256 MB GDDR3yes3.0/3.0600 MHz1404 MHz
HIS Radeon X1600 XT iTurboRV530256 MB GDDR3yes3.0/3.0587 MHz1386 MHz
Sapphire Radeon X1300R515256 MB DDR2yes3.0/3.0452 MHz514 MHz
Sapphire Radeon X1600 Pro AGPRV530256 MB DDR2yes3.0/3.0500 MHz810 MHz

HDR-R: High Dynamic Range Rendering; Memory Frequency: Due to the use of DDR memory, actual frequency is only half that given here; GS: Golden Sample; SC: Superclocked; SLI: 2 NVIDIA cards running in parallel; OC: overclocked

EVGA GeForce 7800 GS AGP

eVGA's card uses a single-slot cooling solution. The cooler, which covers both the GPU and the memory modules, consists of a fan and aluminum cooling fins covered by an acrylic faceplate. The graphics chip provides support for Pixel Shader version 3.0 and HDR rendering. Our test sample was an eVGA "Superclocked Edition," meaning it runs at increased clock speeds right out of the box. Thus, the GPU is clocked at 460 MHz, while the memory frequency is 1350 MHz. Thanks to its increased clock speeds and 256 MB of video memory, the card is ideally suited for current 3D games. Its target price is about $299.

The eVGA GeForce 7800 GS AGP carries a full complement of output connectors, including DVI, standard VGA and Video Out.

EVGA Geforce 7800 GS AGP - Accessories

The card ships with an auxiliary power cable and a DVI-to-VGA adapter for use with a second analog monitor.