Intel's Xeon Shows Its Stuff in 7 Motherboards

Intel SE7525GP2 (I7525)

Intel's SE7525GP2.

Board Revision: 1.0

BIOS Version: P03 (06/22/2004)

Intel obviously placed emphasis on a versatile motherboard and implemented an ATI RageXL graphics chip onto the SE7525GP2 in order to make it suitable for both servers and workstation systems. However, the tremendous Northbridge heat sink will prevent this board from being installed into a 1U rack server.

The SE7525GP2 offers a x16 PCIe slot for graphics and an additional x4 port for future upgrades.

Intel has the most sophisticated retail box among the tested boards.

Although the RageXL is quite an old fellow, it is a reliable solution for displaying 2D.

The onboard graphics is equipped with 8 MB of dedicated memory. This is adequate for running up to 1600x1200 in 32 bits per pixel. Of course the ATI graphics unit may be used in order to run an additional display. Yet you should make sure that this one will only be used for 2D applications, since the chip is basically not capable of doing any 3D things.