Intel's Xeon Shows Its Stuff in 7 Motherboards

Features, Continued

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BIOS Version1.02 (07(/12/2004)1.1 (08/14/2004)1.03 (08/17/2004)
Form Factor / Size26.5 cm x 30.5 cm33.1 cm x 33.2 cm33.0 cm x 30.5 cm
Power Connector24 pin and 8pin EPS12V or ATX24 pin ATX PWR, 12V 8 pin, 12V 4 pin PWR Connector24 pin SSI, 8 pin SSI
CPU SupportDual XEON Socket 604 (nocona)Dual XEON Socket 604 (nocona)Dual Xeon Socket 604 (Nocona)
CPU Clock (2200/2000 MHz)3600 MHz3600.2 MHz (+/- 0.00%)3600.2 MHz (+/- 0.00%)
FSB Clock (200 MHz)Up to 250 MHz (for version 1.1)200.0 MHz (0/- 0.00%)200.0 MHz (0/- 0.00%)
NorthbridgeIntel 875PIntel E7525Intel E7525
Southbridge IIntel 6300ESB (HR)ICH5RIntel ICH5 (FW82801ER)
Southbridge IIWinbond W83627THFPXH+82546 GBIntel 6700 PXH
Clock-ChipICS952618BFRow 13 - Cell 2 ICS 9DB108AF
Memory TypeDDR Unbuffered Memory ECC or Non-ECCDDR2 SDRAMDDR2 SDRAM
Memory Speed(s)400/333/266400400
Memory ModesDual-ChannelDual-ChannelDual-Channel
Memory Timingsby SPDCL 3.0-3-3-7 (SPD)CL 3.0-3-3-7 (SPD)
Memory Sockets486
Maximum RAM4 GB16 GB8 GB
ECC / Registered Memoryyes/noyes/yesyes/yes
System Components
Piezo PC Speakernonoyes
PCIE Card LocknoRow 24 - Cell 2 no
North-/Southbridge Fansno/nopassivno/no
4 pin CPU FAN Headersnoyes/8x 4 pin Header 2 x CPU (PWM)no
FAN Headers2 x CPU, 3 x System2 x CPU, 6 x System2 x CPU, 2 x System
Voltage RegulatorsRow 28 - Cell 1 2 x 4-Phase2 x 8-Phase
I/O Components
Mass Storage ControllerIntel 6300ESB (HR)ICH5RIntel ICH5 (FW82801ER)
Storage Ports2 x SATA 150, 4 x Ultra ATA 101Adaptec HOST RAID 0, 1Raid2x SATA, 2 x Ultra ATA 100Raid
Secondary Mass Storage ControllernoAdaptecAdaptec
RAID SupportRow 33 - Cell 1 Dual Channel 7902 (Ultra 320)1, 0, 1+0 (13 Drives) Supports up to 15 Ultra320 devices per channel on a standard cable configuration up to 12 meters7902W (Ultra 320)1, 0, 1+0
Secondary Storage Portsno
Floppy Controlleryesyesyes
Primary Network ControllerIntel CSA Gigabit Ethernet Controller82546 GB Dual GigabitBroadcom BCM5751 (Gbit, PCIe)
Secondary Network Controller4(see above)no
Serial (integrated / additional)121
USB Ports (integrated / additional)4/04x rear ports/4x header4/0
FirewireTexas Instruments TI 1395a0Texas Instruments TI 1395a
Ports (integrated / additional)TSB43AB22A1/1Row 42 - Cell 2 TSB43AB22A1/1
Game Port1 (Slot)00
IR Connector101
Expansion Components
PCI Express (16 lines)1 x AGP Pro 8x1 x (16x), 1(x4) using (x16 slot)1
PCI Express (1 lines)0Row 47 - Cell 2 0
PCI Slots (32 Bit)112 x 32 bit (PCI 2.3)
PCI 642 x 32 bit (PCI 2.1/2.2)22 x 64 Bit/ 64~100 MHz
PCI-X (1.0a)2 x 64 Bit/ 66 MHz11 x 64 Bit/ 133 MHz
Chassis Intrusion Detectionyesyesyes
Temperature MonitoringCPU 1+2CPU 1+2, SCSI, PXH, LANCPU 1+2, Front, Rear
Fan MonitoringCPU 1+2, FAN 1+2CPU 1+2, SYSTEM 1-6CPU 1+2, Front, Rear, PSU
Smart/Manual Fan Controlnonono
Voltage MonitoringCPU 1+2, +3.3V, +5V, +12V"CPU 1+2, +3.3V, +5V, +12V, +1.8V, +5VSB, Battery, FSB VTT, DDR2 VTT, +3.3VSB""CPU 1+2, 12V VRM0 + 1 CPU VTT, 3.3VSB, 3.3V, 5V, -12V, 12V, Battery"
Power-Up on...USB, PCI, Modem, Keyboard, Hotkey, RTC Alert, Mouse, LAN"Schedule, Keyboard, Mouse, LAN, Modem, USB"USB, PCI, Modem, Keyboard, Hotkey, RTC Alert, Mouse, LAN
Power-Up after Power Lossoff, on, last stateoff, on, Former-Stson
Other Featuresn/aIPMI 2.0 Supprtn/a
On-Board Audio
TypeAnalog DeviceRealtekAnalog Device
Surround Support5.1 Channel Audio5.1 Channel Audio5.1 Channel Audio
JacketsMIC-In, Line-In, Line-Out; S/PDIF OutMIC-In, Line-In, Line-Out (front ch.), Line-Out (F-SUR), Line-Out (Center & Subwoofer), Line-Our (R-SUR)MIC-In, Line-In, Line-Out; S/PDIF Out
onBoard ConnectorsCD-In, AUX-inCD-In, AUX-inCD-In, AUX-in
BIOS Details
Version / Date1.02 (07(/12/2004)1.1 (08/14/2004)1.03 (08/17/2004)
Update viaDOSDOS, BIOS (3.5" Disk)DOS
Special Featuresn/aRow 70 - Cell 2 n/a
overclocking recoveryIwill Smart SettingRow 71 - Cell 2 no
Setup viayesBIOSyes
FSB Frequency Range / Steps1 MHz steeping up to 300 or higheralways FIX 200 MHz-
Memory Frequencies266/333/400 MHz400 MHz400 MHz
PCIE Frequencies-autoauto
Asynchronous - Memory: FSBRow 77 - Cell 1 autoauto
Asynchronous - PCI/PCIE: FSBa)66/33/100 b)72/36/100 c)40/80/100autoauto
CPU Voltage1.1000 ~ 1.6000 step 0.0125autoauto
Memory VoltageCPU=4:5/1:1/6:5autoauto
Chipset Voltage2.6/2.7/2.8/2.9autoauto
Additional Information
Model VariationsRow 83 - Cell 1 10 VariationsRow 83 - Cell 3
all Add-Ons from the Motherboard BOX
BookDH800 User's Manual1 x Board/ 1 x Ultra SCSI 320 Manual1 x Board
Board I/O-ShidYesyesyes
CablesSATA Cable+ SATA Power CableFloopy disk driver cableATA-66/100 IDE Cable1 x ATX Floppy Cable1 x LVD, Ultra 320 SCSI Cable1 x ATA 100/66 Cable2 x SATA 150 Cable1 x UDMA 1331 x SATA 1501 x Floppy1 x SCSI 2 Port + Terminator1 x 2 Port Power Cable
Slots3 Jumper capsTwo heat sink retention moduleIWILL Iron PlateTwo Hat SpringRow 88 - Cell 2 Row 88 - Cell 3
Add onRow 89 - Cell 1 IPMI 2.0 card can be ordered1 x Quick reference Sticker
Included SoftwareCD (contains drivers and utilities)1 x Driver CD and SuperO DoctorIII Monitoring1 x Driver CD1 x RAID Driver Disk