Intel's Xeon Shows Its Stuff in 7 Motherboards

IWill DH800 (I875P), Continued

Although the AD1980 codec is not particularly new, it easily offers 5.1 surround sound connectivity.

There is no overheat protection. We switched off the board at 95°C when testing at high loads.

Good to see that IWill offers lots of overclocking options.

Instead of placing two COM ports into the backplane, IWill decided to offer only one of them and uses the spare space for rear speakers connectors and an optical digital output.

IWill ships an aluminum plate in order to mount the coolers even though a desktop chassis is used.

We found lots of accessories.

After inserting four 512 MB DDR400 DIMMs by Corsair, the motherboard did not want to boot any more. Using Infineon modules solved this problem.