Intel's Xeon Shows Its Stuff in 7 Motherboards

Intel SE7525GP2 (I7525), Continued

Intel's SE7525GP2 works with DDR400.

Even though Intel is focusing on DDR2 SDRAM, the motherboard we received for review works with DDR-400. Using a per-module capacity of two GB, a maximum of eight GB RAM can be added.

Intel chose to integrate its own 82541 Gigabit Ethernet chip, which is attached via PCI Express.

The SE7525 is available as a dual LAN version, too.

Status LEDs indicate the system status by turning orange, blue and red.

The backplane carries six LEDs responsible for displaying the system status.

There is a second COM port, but it has to be lead outside using an adapter that Intel provides. However, we missed a parallel port, since many professional workstation-level applications require dongles as a copy protection.