Intel's Xeon Shows Its Stuff in 7 Motherboards

SuperMicro X6DA8-G2 (I7525), Continued

The IPMI remote board is based on Java.

Thanks to the IPMI interface (Intelligent Platform Management Interface), a remote control board can be installed. These are pretty cheap and are based on Java, enabling easy system monitoring and restarting without any OS dependencies.

An ALC650 codec by Realtek takes care of audio.

The BIOS console allows for the administrator to access the system using a COM port.

All fans are detected and controlled in Supermicro's BIOS.

The display including keyboard control can be transferred to another system (usually Linux) at resolutions of up to 800x600. Supermicro also implemented the so-called Woostock technology that makes the system monitoring IRQs. Should one be locked, the system can be automatically restarted after a given time frame.