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Radeon HD 5770 And 5750 Review: Gentlemen, Start Your HTPCs

Benchmark Results: H.A.W.X.

H.A.W.X. is our second DirectX 10.1-compatible game, and in this one, all ATI cards are tested with 10.1 enabled, while the Nvidia boards are tested using the DirectX 10 code path.

And while DirectX 10.1 might help the Radeon HD 5770 tie Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 260, the Radeon HD 4870 continues to elude the newer DirectX 11 board. We do, however, see the 5750 edge out the GeForce GTS 250 1GB.

CrossFire goes a long way, as the 5770s and 4770s turn in the two best sets of benchmark results.

Once again, we see that 512MB frame buffer simply isn’t ample if you plan to run any of your favorite games at 2560x1600 with anti-aliasing turned on. Though, to be fair, making that setting available requires more horsepower than a Radeon HD 4770 would have been able to muster anyway. A Radeon HD 4890 or 5850 would be the bare minimum in a flight sim like this one.

ATI’s previous-generation cards continue to show well, even as the Radeon HD 5770 outperforms Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 260.

Chris Angelini is an Editor Emeritus at Tom's Hardware US. He edits hardware reviews and covers high-profile CPU and GPU launches.