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Razer Huntsman Elite Opto-Mechanical Keyboard Now on Sale in UK (31% Off)

(Image credit: Razer)

Finding the right keyboard switch can be a challenging endeavour for even us peripheral experts. Yet the opto-mechanical switch encapsulated at the heart of Razer’s Huntsman Elite is one of our favourites. And with that very same keyboard on sale right now for just £137 (£63 off its retail price), it’s one seriously svelte deal for those looking to amp up their gaming and typing experience. 


Razer Huntsman Elite: Was £200, now £137

Razer Huntsman Elite: Was £200, now £137
This fantastic deal on Razer’s Huntsman Elite, puts it at a 31% saving for a kick ass full-sized opto-mechanical gaming keyboard.


Mechanical Switch Brilliance

The Razer Huntsman Elite comes packed with a custom switch developed by the company itself. Razer’s Opto-mechanical switch, inspired by that of Wooting’s first endeavour, showcases just what can be done through the use of mechanical elements and optical sensors. In short, it’s a tactile clicky switch, with an optical sensor. As the switch moves down it triggers the sensor and actuates at the same height, each and every time, making it one of the most precise keyboard switches out there. 

But sensor and actuation aren’t what make a good mechanical switch, it’s the feel and the sound, and that’s something Razer has managed to nail down with the Huntsman Elite to a tee. In fact from our experience the switch is one of the nicest clicky switches out there. It feels light to the touch, clicks and actuates well, and bottoms out nicely too. It’s satisfying to use, and the reason why this journalist is using the Razer Huntsman Elite’s little brother (the Huntsman Tournament Edition) right now. 

Any Extras?

Aside from the brilliance that we see residing in the switch itself, the Huntsman Elite also packs in some seriously nice extras. We’re talking fully dedicated media buttons, a scroll wheel to control volume, fully reprogrammable macro keys (thanks to Razer Synapse that no longer requires a login), impressive RGB lighting, and one heck of a comfortable wrist-rest too. It’s also built like a tank, and looks fantastic with its aluminium chassis.

Downsides? Well the cable is hard-wired into the board and isn’t removable, so if you do damage it, that means a full on warranty of the board. And if you live in a house with more than one person who isn’t quite as fond of those mechanical clacks, well they’re not going to be your biggest fans.

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