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EVGA's RTX 2070 Super Gets Cheaper at $489

(Image credit: EVGA)

When it comes to finding the best tech deals (opens in new tab) on GPUs, it's all relative. The EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 Super Black Gaming card is selling on Newegg for $490 (opens in new tab), a total of $30 off, with promo code "VGAPCJA245" and a $20 rebate. 

Nvidia's RTX 2070 Super is largely an RTX 2080 (opens in new tab) by another name. It uses the same Nvidia TU104 GPU as the 2080, rather than the smaller and cheaper TU106 chip from the plain old RTX 2070 (opens in new tab). OK, it has slightly fewer CUDA cores than the RTX 2080 at 2,560 cmopared to 2,944. But when you factor in higher clocks, you've got a card that sits right under the RTX 2080 on the GPU hierarchy (opens in new tab). And lest we forget, the RTX 2080  launched at $699. So with this deal can now have similar performance to the RTX 2080 while saving a lot of cash. 

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EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 Super Black Gaming: was $510, now $490 @ Newegg (opens in new tab)
It's still a lot of money, but this is a relative bargain for Nvidia's awesome TU104 GPU, as originally found in the far more expensive  RTX 2080, a $699 board. It'll crush most titles at 1440p, run a lot of games very nicely at 4K and throws playable hardware ray tracing into the mix. Enter code "VGAPCJA245" and use the $20 rebate to get the card for this low price. 

In our 2070 Super review (opens in new tab), we found a GPU that will batter most games into high-refresh-rate submission at 1440p (opens in new tab)and also do a decent job at 4K (opens in new tab) in a solid array of titles. In truth, you'd have to go all the way to the much pricier RTX 2080 Ti (opens in new tab) to see a major difference in gameplay. 

If you're wondering about Nvidia's upcoming 7nm Ampere GPUs, yes, they're expected to be faster but will also almost certainly be far more expensive. Long story short, this 2070 Super will still look like decent value when the new boards launch, and in the meantime you can get on with enjoying the best games the PC has to offer.