Razer's Clicky Huntsman Gaming Keyboard Gets $60 Cheaper

(Image credit: Razer)

If you're looking for a new gaming keyboard, Best Buy has a light-powered deal available now. Razer’s proprietary opto-mechanical switch Razer Huntsman keyboard is on sale for $60 off, down from $149.99 to $89.99

With per-key RGB backlit keys, on-board memory for macros and button rebinding, a braided cable, 10-key rollover anti-ghosting and, of course, Razer’s opto-mechanical switches, the Huntsman is feature-packed. This particular model comes with Razer’s purple “clicky optical switches,” which have a 1.55mm actuation distance and require 45g of actuation force.

Razer Huntsman: was $149.99 now $89.99 @ Best Buy

Razer Huntsman: was $149.99 now $89.99 @ Best Buy
The Razer Huntsman is a versatile mechanical keyboard that relies on Razer’s in-house opto-mechanical switches to combine quick actuation time with clicky keys. It also has per-key RGB, 10-key rollover, remappable buttons, macros and a braided cable, making it suitable for a wide array of gamers. 

In our Razer Huntsman review, we said the keyboard “packs possibly the finest mass-market key switch available today, in a package which oozes class.” That’s thanks to Razer’s optical technology, which actuate via light when the user depresses a key. This lets it activate switches quickly, like a Cherry MX Red, while maintaining the stability and clicky feeling of something like a Cherry MX Brown.

For someone like me, who writes during the day and games at night, that makes the Huntsman a godsend. Usually, a keyboard with this much versatility is well above the $90 price range, but this deal puts one of the market’s best gaming keyboards in budget for even those on a writer’s salary.

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