Comparison: Seven 21" and 22" CRT Monitors

Sony G520, Continued

The G520 is pretty good from the point of view of characteristics, if only because of its FD Trinitron tube. It has a horizontal refresh rate of 130 kHz, which allows it to reach a very substantial refresh rate of 105.02 Hz in 1600 x 1200. The bandwidth is not given, but we may suppose it is quite enough to leave room for maneuver. The pitch is 0.24mm over the entire surface of the screen (unipitch).

The OSD is one of the best in the test, quite simply because of the vertical jog-dial on the front, which makes it much easier to browse through the menus. It has all the options of any self-respecting professional monitor, like point-by-point purity adjustment and very fine channel-by-channel color adjustment. There is also a self-adjustment function, which adapts the size of the image to the screen. This is quite handy, but does require some extra touches to improve the result.

The G520 has a button giving direct access to three predefined display modes: Dynamic (for games and DVD), Standard and Professional (for things like word processing). Finally, it is equipped with two 15-pin VGA inputs so it can be plugged straight into two PCs at once. There is a switch on the front to change from one to the other. For USB, the G520 has a four-port hub.