Comparison: Seven 21" and 22" CRT Monitors

Sony G520

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Sony G520
Tube size21 inches
Actual size20.18 inches
TechnologySony FD Trinitron tube
Min/Max horizontal rate30 - 130 KHz
Min/Max vertical rate48 - 178 Hz
Recommended maximum resolution1800 x 1440 to 87 Hz
Dimensions (cm)50.1x49.7x48.7
Weight30.5 kg
Est Retail Price$900

The G520 is in the upper range of the Sony "performance" family. Its visible screen measures 20.18 inches, and the tube of course uses the manufacturer's own FD Trinitron technology. Remember, the screen of a Trinitron tube is not made up of dots but of vertical strips - unbroken, like strips of phosphor. The mask - the solid part that prevents the beams from crossing - takes up less room than with the earlier technology. This makes the images much brighter and sharper.

The only trouble is that the grill consists of thousands of very fine filaments and has to be held firmly in place. So there are two horizontal damper wires stretched to the full, designed to absorb shocks and expansion when the materials heat up. This produces two dark lines that can be seen on screen against a light background. This can be tiresome for some users, especially if they work with a white background.