Comparison: Seven 21" and 22" CRT Monitors

Iiyama MS102DT, Continued

Though in these tests it was mostly the monitors with DiamondTron NF tubes that were notable for quality, we expected the MS102DT to raise the standard of the Shadow Mask. The Cornerstone stands out by its low price, and the weakness of the ViewSonic G810 electronics does not let it get the best from its tube. The MS102DT did indeed meet our expectations because it really does deliver a better quality image than the other two.

Color fidelity is one of the best and the image is excellent, which is very good for legibility. Though the tube is not completely flat, the geometry is quite adequate, and the few irregularities in the high resolutions are easily overcome. Its OSD is the same one usually found on Iiayama monitors, and is very complete and fairly ergonomic.

The electronics give it good refresh rates and generally excellent results for a monitor of this type. So it is a wise choice for users who cannot bear the two lines across the Trinitron and DiamondTron screens, or who just prefer the stability and color rendering of a Shadow Mask, as is the case with many image professionals.