Comparison: Seven 21" and 22" CRT Monitors

Iiyama MS102DT

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Iiyama MS102DT
Tube size21 inches
Actual size20 inches
TechnologyShadow Mask
Bandwidth280 MHz
Min/Max horizontal rate30 - 110 KHz
Min/Max vertical rate50 - 180 Hz
Recommended max. resolution1920 x 1440 at 74 Hz
Dimensions (cm)n.a.
Weight24 kg
Est Retail Price$800

Iiyama offers an entire range of 21" and 22" monitors, notably the HA202DT, with the same DiamondTron NF tube as NEC and Mitsubishi. For this manufacturer, noted for the quality/ price ratio of its monitors, we decided to include a mid-range 21" model, the MS102DT. It deserves attention because, though it has a Shadow Mask tube, its characteristics and functions are very attractive.

The screen has a unipitch of 0.25mm, which is very fine and in theory ensures good image precision (provided focus and convergence are properly adjusted). Like most 21" monitors, its working diagonal is 20 inches and the screen has an anti-reflection and antistatic coating.

Its maximum horizontal refresh rate is 110 kHz and the bandwidth 280 MHz. This should give it a maximum refresh rate of 74 Hz in 1920 x 1440. In practice, the MS102DT reached 88.9 Hz in the 1600 x 1200 reference resolution.

The monitor has a fairly complete set of functions with an OPQ function to change the brightness for different applications, and a button on the front to switch between the two 15-pin RGB inputs. But it does not have a USB hub or multimedia speakers.