Comparison: Seven 21" and 22" CRT Monitors

NEC MultiSync Fe1250+

NEC MultiSync FE1250+
Tube size 22 inches
Actual size 20 inches
Technology DiamondTron NF
Bandwidth 330 MHz
Min/Max horizontal rate 31 - 110 KHz
Min/Max vertical rate 55 - 160 Hz
Recommended max. resolution 1920x 1440 at 73 Hz
Dimensions (cm) 49.8 x 49.3 x 47.3
Weight 29.7 kg
Est Retail Price $700

The NEC and Mitsubishi monitors are, as their names imply, designed and made by the same manufacturer, NEC-Mitsubishi. So the MultiSync FE1250+ has a DiamondTron NF tube like the Diamond Pro 2060u. Its electronics, however, are not as good as the other, which is often the case with NEC and Mitsubishi monitors.

Like all 22" screens, it has a working diagonal of 20 inches, and its pitch is 0.24mm over the entire screen. The horizontal refresh rate is 110 kHz, and the bandwidth 330 MHz. Its characteristics claim a refresh rate of 73 Hz in 1920 x 1440. In the pet resolution of 1600 x 1200, it reached a maximum of 89.5 MHz, more than adequate for most users. It has a 15-pin RGB input and that's all - no BNC inputs or USB hub.

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