Comparison: Seven 21" and 22" CRT Monitors

Cornerstone C1035, Continued

The c1035 is not likely to deliver images like the divas in the test, but you could say that you get what you pay for. The colors are a bit dull, the geometry quite wrong and the brightness low. Moiré, on the other hand, is not very noticeable and easy to adjust. Convergence is not bad, and though the purity is somewhat unsteady, this does not matter all that much because the colors are so poorly rendered.

The white is not really white and the red very dull, though the full-tone blacks are good. Finally, and this is something you can guess from reading its weight, the shielding is pretty poor, so the monitor is vulnerable to sound and magnetic interference.

You might find this monitor adequate if you only use it for office applications, Web surfing and a few games, especially since it is kind to your wallet. We can only praise Cornerstone for producing a 21" monitor at $449. We should add, though, that the price for Europe (500 euros) is provisional, and distribution in Europe is scheduled for this summer.