Comparison: Seven 21" and 22" CRT Monitors

ViewSonic P225f

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ViewSonic p225f
Tube size22 inches
Actual size20 inches
TechnologyPerfectFlat / DiamondTron NF
Bandwidth335 MHz
Min/Max horizontal rate30 - 127 KHz
Min/Max vertical rate50 - 180 Hz
Recommended max. resolution2048 x 1536 at 79 Hz
Dimensions (cm)49.5 x 49.3 x 47.3
Weight30.5 kg
Est Retail Price$850

The p225f is the top of the ViewSonic range in the big screen family. It has a 22" PerfectFlat tube giving a working diagonal of 20 inches, the same as the Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2060u. This is not a coincidence, since the PerfectFlat is based on (and almost identical to) the DiamondTron NF. So it has the two horizontal lines across the screen against a light background.

The screen has an ARAG coating designed to reduce reflection and glare. The main difference between the two monitors is in the grill: the p225f has variable pitch, with 0.25mm in the center and 0.27mm around the edge. It has a horizontal refresh rate of 127 kHz and a bandwidth of 335 MHz, giving it a maximum resolution of 2048 x 1536 at 79 Hz.

We observed that this claim matches reality. We reached 105.2 Hz in the reference resolution of 1600 x 1200, the best score of the test. The p225f has a 15-pin RGB input and five BNC inputs, but no USB hub, though ViewSonic has provided a recessed compartment and sells four-port hubs on option.