Comparison: Seven 21" and 22" CRT Monitors

Cornerstone C1035

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Cornerstone c1035
Tube size21 inches
Actual size19.70 inches
TechnologyShadow Mask tube Samsung
Bandwidth230 MHz
Min/Max horizontal rate30 - 107KHz
Min/Max vertical rate50 - 150 Hz
Recommended max. resolution1600 x 1200 at 85 Hz
Dimensions (cm)49.51 x 50 x 48.5
Weight24.3 kg
Est Retail Price$449

The Cornerstone c1035 is obviously not designed to rival the heavyweights in this test like the Diamond Pro 2060u. It is intended mainly for an office environment and not for image or photo editing. It is, in fact, the lowest-priced monitor in the test. Just think - a 21" for $449! Obviously, for such a minimal investment, you are not going to get mind-bending characteristics on the c1035.

It has a Samsung Shadow Mask tube, which, if you remember, uses the same technique as on a conventional TV set. The rays of each beam sweep across a metal grill perforated with thousands of round holes. Each pixel consists of three holes - one for each color (red, green, blue) - set in the form of a triangle. Each hole is next to a dot of phosphor to develop the color. The drawback with this technology is that the screen is not flat but rounded, and you don't get the brightness of a Trinitron or DiamondTron.