Comparison: Seven 21" and 22" CRT Monitors

Sony G520, Continued

After the excellent test results of the 19" G420, we expected no less from the G520, but found its Trinitron tube does not always deliver the image quality you'd expect. Even in the predefined resolutions recommended by the manufacturer, it is very difficult to obtain perfect evenness. The geometry is all right, but you can always detect a slight fuzziness in the middle or on the right edge of the screen. This was not due to the test model because we saw another that had the same flaws.

If the settings are fully optimized, the image is very good, even excellent, but not perfectly even, and that is a pity, because otherwise its sharpness and convergence are beyond reproach. There is no moiré either, and color rendering is more than adequate. In spite of its little failings, the G520 is a very good 21" monitor.