Comparison: Seven 21" and 22" CRT Monitors


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ManufacturersModelWorking diagonalTechnologyRefresh rate in1600 x 1200Est Retail Price
SonyG52020.18FD Trinitron105.02 Hz$900
Cornerstonec103519.7Shadow Mask85.65 Hz$449
MitsubishiDiamond Pro 2060u20Diamondtron NF99.940 Hz$950
ViewsonicG81020Shadow Mask77.5 Hz$650
Viewsonicp225f20Perfect Flat105.2 Hz$850
NECFe1250+20Diamondtron NF89.5 Hz$700
IiyamaMS102DT20Shadow Mask88.9 Hz$800

The test results clearly show the quality and advantages of three monitors in particular. The first is without contest the Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2060u. Its color rendering, sharpness and image stability are incomparable. Its electronics are more than adequate, and it has a range of functions never seen before. Its Naviset adjustment program is a paradigm and makes child's play of the tiresome job of monitor adjustment.

In second place after the Diamond Pro 2060u are the ViewSonic p225f and the NEC Fe1250+. Their performances are not as high as the Mitsubishi, but they are good alternatives, especially the p225f for those who like high refresh rates in the upper resolutions. With similar performance in this respect and in general is the Sony G520, which could attract users even though it does have its failings. In short, DiamondTron tubes win the day.

But the Iiyama MS102DT should not by any means be ignored. Those who want a monitor for graphics work will find it has definite advantages, and so will those who are allergic to the lines of the DiamondTron and Trinitron tubes. Its quality is very respectable, and so is its price. As for the other two: the G810 comes last owing to the weakness of its electronics; a good 19" would be a better buy for the price. The verdict could be the same for the Cornerstone c1035 were it not for its highly competitive price, which makes a 21" affordable for small budgets.