Finding the Best 19" LCD Monitor for Your Application

Not For Gamers

Here again, this is a VA panel, and so you shouldn't expect miracles. The exceptional color fidelity of VA panels always comes at the price of higher latency.

Sony goes beyond its specifications by almost 540%: 135 ms in the worst case as opposed to the rated 25 ms. It's classic for a VA panel.

In Practice

The technology is the same as for the X19AV, ands so is the verdict: The Sony SDM-HS94 is unusable for video games. For screening DVDs it's not much better. On the other hand, the monitor's stunning colors make it the ideal partner for photography enthusiasts. The viewing angles are comfortable for that use. It's just a shame that the brightness is so high.


The Sony SDM-HS94 is not a bad monitor if you restrict the area in which you use it. Photography lovers will be ecstatic; gamers will obviously be frustrated. Still, $650 is a lot to pay for design. Sony was ahead of the pack for a long time in that area, but that's no longer the case, and the company is going to have to wake up and find other arguments to offer its customers.