Finding the Best 19" LCD Monitor for Your Application

Spatial Uniformity

The uniformity of the panel was fairly good - slightly above average. However you'll have to avoid turning the second backlighting up to the maximum to avoid unsightly haloes of light.

In short, up to this point the SDM-HS94P didn't really convince us. It wasn't really bad as far as its static qualities go, but it lacked that little extra you expect from a Sony product.

Still Short Of The Mark

The SDM-HS94P uses a fast AU Optronics LCD panel. However, all manufacturers don't make the same latency claims for their similarly-equipped monitors. NEC specifies the responsiveness of its LCD92VM as 16 ms, whereas it uses exactly the same AU Optronics panel.

If you push the adjustments to the extreme you can attain 12 ms, more or less. But latency measurements at contrast and brightness levels that are tolerable to the average user produced the following profile:

It's acceptable, but there's nothing really extraordinary about it. The LG/Philips and Samsung panels can do better.