Finding the Best 19" LCD Monitor for Your Application


As you can see, the gap is widening between classic MVA and

TN+film models and the new MVA+Overdrive panels. Given the performance of the latter, it's hard to recommend one of these panels in comparison to what a ViewSonic 191b can offer. If you can't afford a ViewSonic 191s (now available for less than $500), the best choice is a Hyundai L90D+. It's a little less responsive than the 191b/s, but it costs less.

Among the panels we compared for this article, we have a penchant for the L1980U from LG. It's light and very elegant, and is more flexible than the L90D+, but it's handicapped by its price, which is $50 higher than the 191s.

Overdrive seems to be the future of LCD panels. But in the meantime we can only hope for the price of more traditional monitors to come down so that more gamers can get their hands on 19" screens.