Finding the Best 19" LCD Monitor for Your Application


The equipment is just as complete. In addition to VGA/DVI connectivity, there's a built-in transformer and a USB hub. True, there are no speakers. So who cares?

Up to this point, the NEC 1970GX has been worth what it costs. But Sony has been criticized too much for making good-looking monitors with no real technological added value for other manufacturers not to be called down on the same point. So the NEC 1970GX needs to have a significant technology edge to justify its luxury price.


The NEC 1970GX's color rendering is comparable to what 8 ms TN panels from Samsung generally offer. And it's very decent.

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The values are similar to what we recorded for the L90D+. Samsung's 8 ms panels really perform very well in this area.

The contrast remained fairly stable when the brightness setting was changed. That makes a monitor easy to adjust.