Finding the Best 19" LCD Monitor for Your Application

In Practice

With a panel like this one, nothing is halfhearted. For office applications, the panel did wonders. AG Neovo has used a very effective anti-reflection surface treatment on the glass plate. Unwanted reflections are greatly attenuated. The viewing angles are very wide - the 170 degrees announced are accurate.

On the other hand, the monitor is a catastrophe for video games, which is normal. VA panels have never really done brilliantly in this area. We could see long trails behind objects in FPS games. With RTS games, which are obviously slower, using the X19AV was less painful, but I won't go so far as to say it was actually pleasant.

Screening movies was disappointing. Tracking shots were blurred because of the remanence. That's too bad, because the viewing angles are good. When we used an S-Video input, the situation was a little better, but latency was still too perceptible, in particular with Xbox games. In Gotham Project 2, for example, the textures on the buildings on the urban courses were blurry.


If you seek a monitor for entertainment applications, the X19 doesn't fill the bill. On the other hand, it would be a good choice for anybody who needs a monitor for an industrial application or for video surveillance. And after all, that's the primary use this monitor was intended for.

It remains to be explained why manufacturers continue to provide their slower monitors with extended multimedia capacities like S-VHS and cinch connectors when they don't really have the reactivity to use them. AG Neovo is not the only one who does this; Samsung and Hyundai offer "multimedia" monitors with extended video inputs and 25ms panels.