Finding the Best 19" LCD Monitor for Your Application


We picked out six 19" LCD monitors that heavy hitter vendors tout as the best they've got. With response rates ranging from 8 to 25 ms, their applications run the gamut, from photo retouching to video monitoring - and don't forget about gaming, of course. You'll thus very likely find something to meet your needs among the models we've tested here.

As a reference, we offer our earlier comparison of 19" monitors and our review of 8-ms panels for gaming.

So why did we once again choose to only review 19" monitors? First, they offer an immersion experience that's more complete than with a 17" panel, which is very important for games and makes a world of difference for any entertainment video experience. And with the price gap between good 19" and 17" models narrowing by the day, why not take the plunge?