Finding the Best 19" LCD Monitor for Your Application


It's the same with the equipment - dual VGA/DVI input and that's it.

Less Fidelity Than Its Predecessor

In our calibrator test, the Sony SDM-HS94P proved to be less faithful in its color rendering than the SDM-HS94. That was to be expected, since the SDM-HS94 has a VA panel. But progress has been made since then, and even recent 8ms TN panels are capable of equaling VA panels in this area. So naturally, we were a little disappointed by the SDM-HS94P's results.

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The black level is too high - 0.7 nits, which is above average currently. We'd have expected better from a Sony.

The contrast reacted very strangely to changes in brightness. We made our test by adjusting the brightness and intensity of the second backlighting lamp, and the curve clearly shows optimum contrast at a brightness of 40%. The second lamp has less effect if you stay within reasonable values, and so I'd recommend that present and future owners of an SDM-HS94P to set the brightness at 60% and find a comfortable working level by adjusting only the second backlighting lamp.